Super Dank Co2 Vape Kit

Super Dank Co2 Vape Kit includes a vape with 500 ml of 100% organic pure CO2 cannabis oil with up to 90% THC, a rechargeable Lithium battery, a top-airflow ceramic cartridge, and a USB charger.

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Super Dank CO2 Vape Kit Product Description

More About Super Dank Vapes:

Super dank vapes have the best possible hardware and the purest cannabis oil. The full-spectrum CO2 oil used in these vapes is pure, organic, and solvent-free. The vape is also created by ceramic heaters and with a leakproof design to create the best vaping experience for users.

Effects and Benefits:

With up to 90% THC, Super Dank Vapes provide significant euphoria and relaxing effects for users. You will feel happy and relieved after consuming these vapes. Its soothing effects can treat chronic pains, inflammations, depression, fatigue, nausea, and insomnia.



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