Miss Envy Buddha Buddah

Miss Envy Buddha Buddah is an organic THC-infused topical body cream designed with particular formulas to increase skin moisture absorption and reduce muscle pain. Each jar includes 200mg THC.

30 ml jar, 200 mg THC

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, essential oils, THC distillate



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Out of stock

Miss Envy Buddha Buddah Product Description


Effects and Benefits:

According to consumers, Miss Envy Buddha Buddah THC-infused topical cream has significant soothing and calming effects. Due to its unique formula, this cream increases moisture absorption and distribution on the skin, which helps muscle relaxation and pain relief. This cream has significant calming effects for physical discomforts such as arthritis, headaches, and backaches. Its positive impact can treat any injury and pain. Its pain relief quality will result in decreased anxiety and depression, too.

Who Should Order Buddha Buddah?

Everyone! Since Miss Envy Buddha Buddah THC-infused cream reduces pain, everyone should have one of these at home. You can use it when you hurt your leg or knee all of a sudden; A thin layer of this cream assists in reducing any pain, such as a simple headache.



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