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Miss Envy Buddha Bar Extra Strength

Miss Envy Buddha Bar Extra Strength is a cannabis oil bar infused with THC produced by Miss Envy Botanicals. Applying this THC-infused bar on the skin results in soothing and relaxing effects that can reduce pain and improve inflammations.


Disclaimer: This product is not labeled as Miss Envy had printer issues in the production facility!


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Miss Envy Buddha Bar Extra Strength Product Description


Effects and Benefits:

Miss Buddha Bar Extra Strength is applied on the skin and has significant calming effects. About 15-60 minutes after using Buddha Bar, you'll feel a great relaxation and your stress will decrease. Applying Buddha bar on the skin can treat pain and inflammation in different parts of the body.

Who should order Miss Envy Buddha Bar?

Because of its strong calming effects , this bar can be helpful for everyone in particular situations. Miss Envy Buddha Bar Extra Strength is a THC infused roll on salve that reduces muscle pain inflammation and bruising. For example, when you suddenly hurt your knee or leg, you can enjoy a THC-infused bar to reduce the pain and avoid inflammations. Moreover, applying a thin layer of this oil on the forehead assists in treating chronic headaches. Using this bar on feet, back, and legs help to unwind after a long day.




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