Purple Kush (AA) – Indica

Purple Kush strain is a pure Indica marijuana strain and a child of two exceptional and famous strains, Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. It has severe calming and relaxing effects alongside the medical benefits that can help you to clear your mind. 

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Purple Kush Product Description


Appearance and Trichomes:

The appearance of Purple Kush is very different from the other marijuana strains, and It has popcorn-like medium-sized buds with very dense structures. You can see active, vibrant colours that vary from pink, purples, and reds which all of these colours are sparkling and glowing. 

Aroma and Taste:

This Indica strain has a delightful taste that its spirit spreads in the room as soon as you open the pack. It has a subtle and earthy aroma with sweet overtones standard of Kush families.

Medical Benefits and Effects:

This strain has powerful effects, and if you don't use it carefully with the proper dosage, it can make you very sorry about using Purple Kush. After using this strain, your mind can be positively stimulated and notably ahead of the conscious level. Purple Kush has the most powerful ability to clear stress and relax the body, so it should not leave the user in paranoid or concerned states.

By using this strain, your body will feel giggling and comfortable alongside the relaxation feeling. The reports show that most pure Indica marijuana strains have properties that can help consumers loosen the body and clear the mind, although this strain gives all of these remarkable features. In the end, If we name one effect of this strain that is very popular, it would be the sedating, calming effect.


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