Pink Rockstar (AAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid

(30% Sativa / 70% Indica) Broken Coast Cannabis’ Pink Rockstar cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with a moderate to high THC average of 19.6%. Nugs are medium in size, with a lot of trichomes and a lot of calyxes. They have a fresh kush flavor and aroma with overtones of dank pine and gasoline. It can help with anxiety and insomnia. 

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Pink Rockstar Product Description

Appearance and Trichomes:

Pink Rockstar has closely thick buds. The color of these buds is mint green and they have a vivid pink undertone that makes them visually appealing. Each bud includes a covering of pinkish-white crystal trichomes and numerous orange hairs.

Aroma and Taste:

Terpenes are responsible for the character of all plants, including cannabis. The Pink Rockstar has a spicy diesel undertone that surrounds you. If you pay attention as you tear it apart, you'll discover that it has an aroma that reminds you of fresh sweet wood and spicy flowers. The spicy diesel undertone becomes intense as it burns. There are also hints of earthy pine.

The terpene profile comes into play once more. The flavor of this strain is strong. It tastes almost identical to how it smells. There may be some earthy and woody notes as well as spicy and sweet tastes. It has a subtle flavor that isn't overwhelming.

Medical Benefits and Effects:

The effects of this strain are felt right away by the body. As it melts away, tensions in your muscles will leave you feeling extremely relaxed. You'll likely fall asleep shortly after it. Feelings of tranquility, exhilaration, and uplift will be noticeable. We recommend it to be used at night. The Pink Rockstar has numerous medical advantages. It aids in the treatment of chronic inflammation and pain. It assists in the treatment of tremors and muscle spasms. Insomniacs use this strain to help them control their symptoms and get a better night's sleep. Moreover, Pink Rockstar treats mild to moderate depression, tension, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for Pink Rockstar (AAA) – Indica-Dominant Hybrid

  1. William P

    Really good flavour, nice dank smell. Burns pretty evenly and clean . I must of gotten it right near the end cuz it’s all popcorn buds

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