Ganja Magic Pops – THC Lollipops

Recall your sweet childhood memories by Ganja Magic Pops. Ganja’s lollipops are available in various mouthwatering fruit flavors and various THC amounts.

Ingredients: Glucose, Sugar, Water, Natural Flavour, Citric Acid, Cannabis Oil, Colour.

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Pineapple Sativa – 50mg, Melon Hybrid – 100mg, Strawberry Cough – 25mg, Grape Indica – 150mg

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Ganja Magic Pops Product Description




Ganja Magic Pops come in various amounts of THC. Overall, the effects are similar, but the effects are more potent as the THC amount increases. It takes 25-90 minutes for Ganja's lollipops to show their effects. First, you'll feel euphoria in your head that advances and uplifts your mood. After some time, a pleasant relaxation joins this euphoria, and you'll feel your body is eased and your stress has vanished.

If you consume Magic Pops with lower doses of THC (25 mg or less), the uplifting state can help you improve your performance; However, the euphoria and relaxation produced by higher doses (more than 50mg ) are potent enough to interrupt you from continuing your tasks.

Consuming these THC lollipops can reduce pain and inflammation in the body and improve mood swings, depression, and fatigue.


Dosage :

If you are a beginner, order the Strawberry Cough and start with one-fifth of it. Wait 90 minutes for the effects and redose gradually to get the desired effects.


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Pineapple Sativa – 50mg, Melon Hybrid – 100mg, Strawberry Cough – 25mg, Grape Indica – 150mg


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