Ganja Edibles Nutella Spread – 150mg THC

What is better than a Nutella with THC effects? Each jar of Ganja Edibles Nutella Spread includes 150 mg THC, which can provide significant positive effects for you during the day. 


Calories per serving(1gr) = 5.3 kcal


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Out of stock

Ganja Edibles Nutella Spread Product Description



Effects and Benefits:

Ganja Edibles’ Nutella Spread is one of the potent cannabis products on the market. Consuming 1gr in the morning can provide you with significant positive effects. Uplifting, boosting energy, improving focus, increasing creativity, and overall well-being are the expected results of consuming 1gr of Ganja Nutella. However, if you desire to savor more, you can feel a delightful relaxation rushing over your body. As the high in your head develops and your brain function elevates, you will feel a complete relaxation in the muscles. Many use this product to reduce symptoms of some discomforts such as depression, fatigue, chronic pains, inflammations, PTSD, nausea, and insomnia.



Start with half of a teaspoon Ganja Nutella and gradually take more until you get the desired effects. Consuming this THC Nutella every day helps to have an uplifted mood.



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