Ganja Edibles Maple Syrup 150mg THC

Ganja Edibles Maple Syrup is a delicious maple syrup infused with 150 mg distillate THC. You can use it with waffles, pancakes, and simply out of the jar to enjoy its uplifting and energizing effects. 

Ingredients: Maple syrup, Distillate THC



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Ganja Edibles Maple Syrup Product Description


Effects and Medical Benefits:

A pleasant joy will fill your head about 20-90 minutes after consuming Ganja Edibles Maple Syrup. As this joy grows in your head, you'll feel an improvement in your energy level, and your mood will enhance. This better mood increases your focus and improves your brain function. Some minutes later, you'll feel a pleasant relaxation easing your body and reducing your anxiety. The state of enhanced mood and reduced stress improves your performance.

Considering its uplifting and calming effects, you can consume Ganja Edibles Maple Syrup to treat aches and cramps in different parts of the body, reduce symptoms of fatigue and depression, and improve inflammations. Consuming one teaspoon of THC maple syrup every day can positively affect depression and anxiety in the long term.


Start with half of a teaspoon of THC maple syrup and wait 90 minutes for the effects. To reach more potent effects, increase the dosage gradually.


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