Atomic Wheelchair Cookies – 500mg THC

Atomic Wheelchair Cookies are extremely potent cannabis-infused sweets; skip them if you’re a novice cannabis user. Each yummy cookie contains 250mg of pure lab-tested THC extract.



2 in stock

2 in stock

Atomic Wheelchair Cookies Product Description




30-60 minutes after consuming Atomic Wheelchair Cookies, you'll feel an intense buzz filling your head with joy. As this buzz extends, you'll feel uplifted, and your creativity will increase. Meanwhile, you'll feel a deep calmness relaxing your body that removes all your stress and anxiety, putting you into a peaceful state. Due to these significant calming effects, you can use this cookie to treat pains, inflammations, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Wheelchair Marijuana:

Wheelchair Marijuana is referred to as very potent cannabis with very intense effects that incapacitate the user. The Atomic Wheelchair Cookies package includes 500mg of edible THC, providing a powerful and intense high even for veteran edible users. This product is highly recommended for curing and reducing chronic physical and emotional pains, as a result.



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