Space Balls – Chewy Cannabis Candies (500mg THC)

Space Balls – Chewy Cannabis Candies is a pack of 10 mouthwatering candies, each infused with 50 mg THC. This is a roughly potent product and provides significant euphoria and relaxation.

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Space Balls – Chewy Cannabis Candies Product Description


30-60 minutes after consuming these candies, you will feel a great euphoria in your head that removes all your negative thoughts and anxiety. This will uplift you, improve your mood, and increase your energy. Some minutes later, you will feel a great relaxation in your muscles from head to toe. So, you will feel relaxed and happy after consuming delicious Space Balls – Chewy Cannabis Candies.


Medical Benefits:

Considering the relaxing and uplifting effects caused by Space Balls candies, these candies can treat anxiety, depression, fatigue, pains, inflammations, and nausea symptoms.


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