ELEVTD Assorted Flavours Gumdrops THC

Enjoy the delightful taste of fruits combined with THC. Each ELEVTD Assorted Flavours Gumdrops THC gummies includes 30 or 50mg of pure THC.

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270 mg THC, 450 mg THC

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ELEVTD Assorted Flavours Gumdrops THC Product Description




30-60 minutes after consuming ELEVTD Assorted Flavours Gumdrops THC, you'll feel a pleasant high hovering in your head and increasing your focus and energy. This pleasant high will also enhance your mood and give you a clear mind by washing your negative thoughts away. As this high makes you energized, a peaceful calmness eases your muscles and reduces your anxiety. As a result, you feel happy, and your performance improves.

Medical Benefits:

Due to their soothing and uplifting qualities, ELEVTD Assorted Flavours Gumdrops THC can help treat mild to severe discomforts. You can use them to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, PTSD, ADHD, and insomnia. Moreover, it can treat backaches, migraines, skin rashes, and nausea.


Start with one-fifth of an ELEVTD gummy and increase the dosage after 90 minutes.



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270 mg THC, 450 mg THC

1 review for ELEVTD Assorted Flavours Gumdrops THC

  1. William P

    I really enjoyed the flavour and power of these gummies. Tho they are chewy like nothing I’ve ever had before

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