Bliss THC infused Gummies

With Bliss THC Infused Gummies, you’re only a bite away from paradise. Each tin contains three delectable flavors, ranging from blue raspberry to guava and pineapple. Each gummy comes with a precise 20mg dose and a surge of delightful natural flavor. Enjoy a small taste of paradise at any time of day by taking one of these convenient delights.

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Tropical assorted- 300mg THC, Tropical assorted- 200mg THC, Party Mix- 300mg THC, Party Mix- 200mg THC

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About 30 to 90 minutes after taking one of the Bliss THC Infused gummies, you will feel a pleasant buzz entering your head and extending gradually. As this buzz develops, your stress will fade away, and your energy will boost. Subsequently, you'll be able to think clearly and focus better. After 1-2 hours, a calming relaxation will ease your muscles, washing all your discomforts away. If you consume more than one Bliss THC gummy, the effects will extend to the point that makes you couch-locked.

Medical Benefits:

You can consume Bliss THC Infused Gummies to treat particular illnesses, including body aches, rashes, inflammations, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


Veteran users, use one Bliss THC gummy and wait 60 minutes before taking the second dose. We recommend starting with a quarter of a gummy and increasing the dosage gradually every 90 minutes for novice users.

About Bliss Edibles:

Bliss Edibles is a cannabis edibles producer based in BC that aims to provide the perfect potent and precisely dosed products for everyone. Bliss Edibles produce perfectly precise dosed edibles that help consumers manage the effects. Bliss CBD and THC gummies are among the most popular cannabis-infused gummies.

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Tropical assorted- 300mg THC, Tropical assorted- 200mg THC, Party Mix- 300mg THC, Party Mix- 200mg THC


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