Blackcomb THC Gummies

Blackcomb THC gummies are crafted in BC and infused with premium THC oil. Each pack includes two gummies with a total THC amount of 200mg or 300mg. Blackcomb gummies are both potent and delicious.

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Sugar Coated (2x100mg) 200mg, Tropical Sour Coated (2x150mg) 300mg

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Blackcomb THC Gummies are known to produce potent effects. About 20-60 minutes after taking these delicious gummies, a potent high hits your head and uplifts your mood. This joy advances in your head to the point that it puts you in a complete euphoric state. It also produces a potent relaxation that can melt your muscles and put you in a meditative state. This peaceful calmness extends and makes you cock-locked after some time.

Blackcomb's mouthwatering gummies can help treat discomforts such as migraines, chronic backaches, chronic muscle cramps, inflammations, glaucoma, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.


Blackcomb is known to produce potent and delicious edibles. Blackcomb's THC gummies are sugar-coated and infused with premium cannabis oil. These mouthwatering THC gummies provide potent effects producing euphoria and relaxation. Blackcomb Gummies are the best product to enjoy cannabis benefits with delicious fruit flavors.

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Sugar Coated (2x100mg) 200mg, Tropical Sour Coated (2x150mg) 300mg


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