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AAAA OZ Sample Pack Bundle

AAAA OZ Sample Pack Bundle is a wonderful offer from OWO that contains eight different strains of flowers with AAAA quality. This sample pack includes the freshest and most recent strains of OWO, each weighing 3.5g at a very lower cost. 

This bundle does not include Prohibition Farms strains. If you want Prohibition Farms strains please see the Prohibition Farms Bundle.


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Out of stock

AAAA OZ Sample Pack Bundle Product Description




Why buy this Sample Pack?


For several reasons, purchasing this bundle is beneficial for both veteran and novice cannabis users. Since it contains 8 fresh premium strains at a very low cost, it will be a very economical purchase for veteran users looking for new experiences. 

Moreover, novice users looking for premium products to try different cannabis strains can enjoy this pack. Generally, one ounce of premium flowers would cost about $ 200, but purchasing this product, you will pay only $ 160 for one ounce of fresh AAAA quality strains. 

The last but not least reason to buy AAAA OZ Sample Pack Bundle is that purchasing this sample pack is an economical option to check our quality!








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