LED Rolling Tray

OWO’s LED Tray is a great cannabis tray appreciated by veteran cannabis smokers. It has a bigger size compared to OWO’s Rolling Tray, and it comes with a USB charger, LED, and a lid.


LED Rolling Tray Product Description


Advantages Of OWO's LED Tray:

Big Enough:

OWO's LED Rolling Tray is designed in a bigger size compared to regular trays. It is not portable, but it gives you the opportunity to create bigger joints and blunts.


LED light:

This tray comes with an LED light with changeable colors, making it unique, beautiful, and practical at night.



Cannabis Trays can be used as temporary storage for grounded flowers or joints and blunts. OWO's LED Rolling Tray has a lid that makes it great storage for keeping flowers, joints, and blunts fresh for longer times.  



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