Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps

Enjoy a quick, easy, and satisfying rolling and smoking with Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps.

Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps made out of hemp and come in different fruit flavors are the best wraps to enhance your cannabis experience. These hemp wraps are now available in Black & Blueberry, Tropical Passion, and Mango Papaya flavors.

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Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps Product Description


They’re made with hemp: These celebrity wraps are made with hemp, which means the wraps themselves include a low percentage of cannabis, increasing your pleasure.

They’re tobacco-free: While most wraps include harmful tobacco and nicotine, Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps have no tobacco, nicotine, or other harmful ingredients. You can roll 100% cannabis joints and blunts using these wraps.

They taste sweet: What is better than enjoying cannabis smoke with a sweet taste? 

These hemp wraps come in trendy fruit flavors, adding a fruity sweet taste to your joints and blunts. This option makes these wraps ideal for people who want to enjoy cannabis with less weed taste.


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