How to Buy Quality Cheap Weed?

April 12, 2022

If you consume cannabis regularly, you know that it becomes very costly after some time. At the end of the month, you may come across the fact that you are turning your money into ashes! Then what is the solution? Should you quit smoking, or should you get bad weed for a lower price? 

Is it possible to purchase cheap weed of good quality?

Indeed, there are some options that give you the chance to consume affordable, high-quality cannabis. This article discusses all the methods that you can use to get high-quality cannabis at lower prices.

Different Categories of Cannabis at Dispensaries:

Dispensaries categorize their cannabis strains based on their quality. A cannabis strain’s quality depends on its freshness, age, and, more importantly, its cultivation. Here are some of the common categories you see in dispensaries:

Craft Cannabis:

Craft cannabis, also known as small-batch cannabis or artisanal cannabis, refers to cannabis grown on a small scale, emphasizing quality over quantity. It is defined by cultivators who can fine-tune every aspect of cannabis cultivation, from seedling to harvest to curing, resulting in the best aromas, flavors, and effects from their genetics. 

Top Shelf Cannabis:

Top-shelf is slang for a high-quality cannabis product that is frequently an expensive item on a menu. Top-quality cannabis flowers will have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, desirable terpene aromas and flavors, and a high cannabinoid content. Because of its potent fragrance and high quality, top-shelf weed is sometimes called loud weed. It also has synonyms such as high-grade and fire.

Low Shelf Cannabis:

Low-shelf cannabis is referred to as the type of cannabis with a lower quality compared to top-shelf or craft cannabis. Low-shelf strains usually have smaller buds, and they are not very fresh. As a result, low-shelf cannabis is usually the cheapest option on the menu.

Budget Cannabis:

Budget weed or budget cannabis is referred to the cannabis that has good quality but because of some reasons, such as the smaller bud size is cheaper. If we compare cannabis to alcohol, budget weed is like the wines we use regularly, and craft cannabis is the one wine we save for special events. In other words, they both create the same effects, but the quality and price differ.

How to Buy Quality Cannabis at Affordable Prices?

1. Look For Budget Weed at Dispensaries:

Many dispensaries categorize their popcorn and small buds as budget weeds. In other words, these strains are fresh and have a good aroma and taste, but they lack fully-developed nugs, so they are cheaper.

2. Order Your Cannabis Online:

Online dispensaries get their cannabis directly from producers with no broker intervening. As a result, their products cost less and are more affordable. Moreover, by ordering your weed online, you get the chance to compare products and prices and choose the most affordable one.

3. Look For Sales and Deals:

Many popular dispensaries offer great sales and discounts on their products time by time. Checking out these sale events is a great option to buy high-quality weed at a reasonable price. OWO is one of the online dispensaries that offer several sales a month to provide high-quality cannabis with discounts. You can learn more about OWO’s sales here.

4. Bulk Purchasing:

Buying cannabis in bulk is a more prudent and cost-effective option. Because you are purchasing more in one transaction, you may be able to negotiate a discount. Many dispensaries will give you a nice 5% – 10% discount depending on the amount of weed you buy. Your budtender is more likely to give you a discount if you become a regular customer and begin to buy in bulk. When you consider the discount, your overall cost per ounce decreases.


Paying less on cannabis doesn’t necessarily mean getting bad weed. In other words, cheap weed doesn’t always mean bad weed. Following some tips, you can get cannabis with satisfactory quality and affordable prices.

Michelle Bilodeau

I have been working in the Cannabis industry for the past few years now. I was buying weed from different legal and illegal sources, looking for the best quality vs price. Not happy with what was on the market, I decided to start Where I would showcase and share my passion for Cannabis with other fellow enthusiasts.

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