All You Need To Know About Craft Cannabis:

April 1, 2022

Craft cannabis is all about high-quality bud nurtured with significant care. You can produce some of the best weed this world offers by taking some class-A genetics and devoting every minute to cultivating the plants with intense regular attention. But, first and foremost, what does craft cannabis imply, and how does it differ from commercial cannabis?

What is craft cannabis?

Craft Cannabis, Small Batch Cannabis, or Artisanal Cannabis all refer to the cannabis products produced on small scales and with special caring. To produce craft strains, farmers put quality over quantity, including all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process. From seedling to cultivation and curing, farmers pay significant attention to creating the best aromas, flavours, and effects. 

How is craft cannabis different from Commercial Cannabis?

Craft cannabis provides the most desirable scent, taste, and effects for users. Therefore most consumers thrive to enjoy craft cannabis, But what makes craft cannabis different from other types?

Grown in Smaller scales:

Since growing crafts cannabis requires a more hands-on approach, farmers cultivate them on smaller farms with meticulous care and attention. Moreover, it’s easier to find and solve any potential issues while growing.

Extra Care:

Despite commercial marijuana, growing craft cannabis requires a lot of care and attention. Farmers usually do not use machines to grow and cure these buds and rather do this by hand to keep their potency and flavour. So, every bud is grown with extra care and attention to produce a signature strain.

Organic Farm Practices:

Farmers use organic farming practices when growing craft cannabis to ensure quality. They do not use chemicals and ban pesticides; They only utilize clean and high-quality cultivation tools.

Especial Packaging:

To preserve its quality and unique features, producers often package craft cannabis in particular methods to ensure their quality and show the craft value.

Popular Craft Cannabis Producers:

Many small farms are producing high-quality cannabis strains; however, not all of the small farms’ products are craft. The most popular craft cannabis producer in Canada is Prohibition Farms which produces some artisanal strains. 

All the craft strains are grown with a hands-on approach and exceptional care and attention. Each strain grown on its farms is like a child raised with mama’s care.

Where to order the Perfect Craft Cannabis online in Canada?

In Canada, perfect cannabis strains are commonly cultivated and produced in BC. So, many prefer to buy their weed from dispensaries located in BC to assure freshness and quality. Here are the top three online craft cannabis providers in Canada, based on product quality, customer satisfaction, accountability, and other related factors.

#1. Orderweedonline

Order Weed Online is an online dispensary located in BC that provides premium cannabis products at affordable prices. It has a variety of high-quality cannabis products, including edibles, flowers, concentrates, health products, and pet products. 

Orderweedonline is the first destination of stoners looking for craft cannabis strains. They are the leading provider of Prohibition Farms’ Products in Canada.

#2. Herb Approach

Herb Approach is another online dispensary with a great collection of craft cannabis strains. You can find a variety of craft cannabis strains and other cannabis products on their website. 

#3. Craft Cannabis Associations of BC:

Craft Cannabis Associations of BC is an online dispensary located in BC that focuses on collecting and selling products from small farms. If you want to order craft cannabis online in Canada, you can find something desirable in their collection.

How Difficult is it to Produce Craft Cannabis?

Breeding new strains for use in craft cannabis can be a difficult task. It takes fine art to mix the great qualities of each strain while avoiding the unfavorable aspects. Multiple phenotypes of the new strain are generated with this in mind to find the optimum flavour and effectiveness.

Independent laboratory testing is essential to identify the most desirable phenotypes throughout each cultivation phase. All phenotypes are eliminated once the best phenotype has been identified. This is also why a number appears after the strain’s name on occasion.

Craft cannabis producers also go over and over when it comes to curing their goods once they’ve been harvested. First, a slow and steady drying procedure is performed, similar to how excellent wine is aged overtime to boost potency and quality.

As a result, while craft cannabis isn’t always more difficult to grow, choosing a tremendous strain and enhancing its capabilities is one of the most challenging tasks. However, most craft cannabis growers have years of expertise producing superior preserving methods and employing advanced growing techniques.

What is the place of craft cannabis in the consumer market?

With the future of cannabis consumerism following in the footsteps of the alcohol business, it’s clear that there will be varying levels of quality for different types of customers. You’ll be able to buy ounces for affordable prices, the same as how you can acquire a 30-pack of Keystone Lights and get the job done. On the other hand, just like you can get a limited-edition batch of fruit-infused sours from your local microbrewery, you’ll be able to get jars of artisan cannabis for higher prices. Still, you’ll be getting some of the most flavorful and strong flowers available.

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