What’s Mail order marijuana (MOM)?

April 3, 2022

Have you ever heard the word, MOM? Or wondered what it means when it comes to the cannabis industry? If you are a cannabis consumer or have anybody around you who consumes cannabis, you may have heard the term “MOM” recently. MOM is the abbreviation of Mail Order Marijuana, which has become prevalent since the legalization of the cannabis trade. 

Cannabis trade legalization in Canada was knotted with the development of online businesses. Soon after legalization, cannabis producer companies decided to provide their products online, and they were remarkably successful. However, many might wonder why and how MOM became so prevalent in Canada?

Why Should You Buy MOM in Canada?

MOM became prevalent among cannabis consumers quickly. This popularity advanced to a level that most users prefer to order MOM rather than shopping for cannabis products in traditional dispensaries; But why?

Advantages of ordering cannabis online:

#1. Cost 

Buying online always costs less because online dispensaries get their cannabis products directly from producers, so the customers don’t have to pay extra costs. 

#2. Quality

Since online dispensaries provide cannabis products directly from producers, their product is usually fresh and high-quality. So if you like fresh cannabis, you’d better buy mom.

#3. Variety and Browsing:

Buying MOM lets, you browse different stores and online dispensaries to find the most desirable product. Moreover, online dispensaries usually have a variety of cannabis products that are never available in a local dispensary. 

#4. Saving Time:

No matter what you are shopping for, Online shopping is time-saving. When you purchase stuff online, you don’t waste time on transportation. Moreover, searching and finding your favorite product is possible with a few simple clicks, so you won’t waste time searching different shops and shelves for your product. Consequently, buying online saves you time. Order your cannabis product online, and do your favorite activities while waiting to get it at your door.

#5. Discretion :

According to most customers, discretion is the primary reason most consumers buy their cannabis online and deliver it by mail. When you purchase cannabis products from local dispensaries, you may run into people you don’t want to. On the other hand, buying MOM lets, you enjoy discreet shopping.

#6. Reviews

At online dispensaries, you usually have the chance to read previous customers’ reviews about a product. Moreover, you can compare products on different websites and choose the one that meets your desire. The products are reviewed online, meaning moms have consistent quality. Stores don’t care about their reviews.

How to Choose a Reliable Online Dispensary?

Although buying online is very beneficial, trusting an online dispensary might be challenging. Many dispensaries on the internet claim they are the best, but how can you distinguish reliable ones? Here are some hints that will help you to find legal and reliable online dispensaries:

1. Reliable Dispensaries Are Accountable:

mom providers are accountable for their service and their products. So when you ask a dispensary about its products, service, or platforms and you don’t get an answer, you’d better not trust that online store.

2. Reviews:

Reviews by previous customers are the primary marketing tool of online dispensaries; therefore, they try to provide suitable services and products to get good reviews. So, read the reviews of other customers’ experiences on an online store before shopping. 

3. Reliable Online Dispensaries provide Channels to Communicate:

Legal dispensaries try to communicate with their customers through different channels, such as social media, to improve their products and services based on their customers’ desires. So, if you find a dispensary active on social media, you can trust them. 


MOM or mail order marijuana refers to cannabis products ordered online and delivered through the mail. Buying mom is discreet, private, cost-beneficial, time-saving, and accessible. Therefore many people prefer to buy mom. You need to find a legal and reliable online dispensary and search for your favorite cannabis products.

Michelle Bilodeau

I have been working in the Cannabis industry for the past few years now. I was buying weed from different legal and illegal sources, looking for the best quality vs price. Not happy with what was on the market, I decided to start Orderweedonline.com Where I would showcase and share my passion for Cannabis with other fellow enthusiasts.

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