How Long a Weed High Lasts?

April 5, 2022

Many new cannabis users wonder how long they will be high after consuming weed. Some regular users also wonder how to shorten or extend the weed high they experience. To answer these questions, first, you should know how weed kicks in your body, how it metabolizes, and finally, how the effects fade away. 

On average, the high lasts between 2-10 hours. However, this number can increase or decrease considering some factors. It is also worth noting that one may experience some mild effects even a day after consuming.

The type and strength the high one experiences after consuming cannabis depends on several factors, such as type of weed, type of consumption, the THC amount, body metabolism, past weed consuming experiences, the food or rest one has gotten, etc. Almost everyone experiences weed effects differently. 

What Affects the Duration of the high?

  1. Weed : 

Of course, the primary factor causing different effects is consuming different strains of cannabis. Fresh weed can cause a stronger and more pleasant high. Good weed usually has more trichomes and includes more THC; As a result, THC reaches your blood sooner and lasts longer. 

  1. Type of Consuming:

One of the most specific factors affecting the duration of a high is the consumption method. Nowadays, various cannabis products can provide you with desirable effects. For instance, edibles provide longer-lasting results than flowers. However, if you wish to get instant results, flowers are a better option. So based on the cannabis products you choose, the duration of the high can vary.

  1. Body Metabolism:

Everybody metabolizes weed differently. When one smokes weed, it directly enters the blood circulation through the lungs, and when one digests weed, the THC is absorbed by the liver. So, depending on metabolism and blood circulation, the duration of high feeling varies.

  1. Tolerance:

New cannabis users usually experience longer effects compared to regular users. According to studies duration of a weed, high can depend on past experience, especially in the most recent month. If one hasn’t consumed weed in the past month, he or she is likely to experience longer and more intense effects. 

  1. Eating and Resting:

Whether you have eaten any food before consuming cannabis or the amount of rest you had before consuming it can change the duration of your high. According to regular users’ experiences, the high feeling of a weed can last longer if it is consumed after activity. Moreover, eating may decrease the duration of a weed high.

How to Reset Sooner After a Weed High?

Now that you know the factors affecting how long the effects of weed can last, you can shorten or extend the duration by taking particular actions. 

Take a Nap: 

Taking a nap is one of the easiest ways that help you to end your high sooner. When you consume weed, THC increases your stress level. On the other hand, sleeping decreases your stress level and helps you to feel less high.

Eat Something:

According to regular weed users, eating can help you experience a shorter high. Eating things like Pine Nuts or Lemon can help you feel less high. Moreover, eating foods that contain fat or having a meal can also help.


If you are high and want to end it sooner, you can exercise. Based on experience, activity can decrease the intensity and duration of cannabis effects. The higher your heart rate, the more effective this will be.

Use CBD:

Although it sounds crazy to use cannabis to get rid of the effects caused by the weed, it’s one of the best ways. As mentioned earlier, keeping yourself calm and relaxed helps decrease the length of high. Therefore consuming some CBD shortens the high’s duration by relaxing your body.

How to Extend a Weed High?

You can also take some particular actions to extend the length of your high feeling. The most convenient way for experiencing a longer high is using edibles. Edible cannabis kicks in late but lasts about 2-4 hours more than flowers. 

Moreover, drinking alcohol or mango juice is recommended to make the high feeling longer lasting. Consuming weed after exercise is also another way to increase high duration.

OWO’s Tips for First Users:

If you are new to the cannabis world and want to experience weed high for the first time, we have some tips for you:

  • Use low THC products.
  • Consume flowers and wait at least 2 hours for redosing.
  • Use high-quality products.
  • Eat before consuming weed.
  • Try weed on your day off, such as a weekend.
  • Have a friend beside you in case of an unwanted reaction.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or with weed.

Michelle Bilodeau

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