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March 18, 2022

Whether you are a veteran cannabis user or just decided to give it a try, you need a personalized cannabis kit. Having personalized accessories isn’t a must, but it will help you roll joints more conveniently. If you want to make a cannabis kit, you’re at the right place. This article will discuss all the items you need to have in your kit, presenting a great alternative.

What Accessories are Required for Smoking Weed?

According to your consumption method, the accessories you need differ. Overall, you will need :

  • A grinder to ground dried flowers into a fine powder.
  • Rolling papers for making joints.
  • A tray for rolling.
  • A lighter to light it.
  • Filter papers for joints.
  • A pipe, if you prefer smoking weed through a pipe.
  • A bong in case you prefer a smoother consumption method.
  • A vaporizer for combustion-free weed-smoking fans.
  • A mason jar or any other alternatives for storing your weed.

How to Build a Cannabis Kit?

Once you know, what you need for smoking weed, you can start creating your own kit. All you need is to shop for the accessories you require. However, finding all your favorite accessories might be challenging, especially in traditional dispensaries. You may need to spend a lot of time and energy to find all the desired accessories that meet your needs.

Why Should You Buy Weed Accessories Online?

Shopping for weed accessories in traditional dispensaries is tiring. Not all of them have all the things you need. An excellent way to shop for weed or accessories is shopping online. Online shopping allows you to buy from different stores at once. It allows you to compare different products in different shops and enjoy other customers’ reviews. Shopping online is discreet, quick, and accessible. 

Putting a Cannabis Kit Together Effortlessly

An excellent alternative for creating your cannabis kit is using OWO’s welcome package. OWO’s welcome package includes all the main accessories you need for smoking weed. OWO’s package includes a large and sharp high-quality grinder, rolling papers, a tray, and OWO’s unique stickers. Moreover, OWO’s package includes two grams of its three different flowers with the craft quality. OWO offers this package for $55 (with free shipping), which means you can build your cannabis kit and try three high-quality flowers at a very reasonable price.

Why Should You Order OWO’s Welcome Package?

  • It includes all required accessories for smoking, such as a grinder, rolling papers, and a tray.
  • It contains 2g of three high-quality flowers.
  • It offers free shipping.
  • It is only $55!
  • If you are hesitant about OWO, it allows you to try its products at the lowest cost.
  • You can order it and your other orders to enjoy the free shipping option.


To smoke cannabis more conveniently, you’d better create a personal cannabis kit. Using personalized accessories is the ideal way to smoke cannabis safely. OWO’s welcome Package includes all the items you need for smoking. By ordering it, you get to make a cannabis kit effortlessly; you also get to try some of OWO’s craft cannabis strains.

The necessary accessories for smoking weed:

The best way to buy cannabis accessories:

The best way to build a cannabis kit:

A cannabis kit at a very reasonable price:

Zoey Smith

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