OWO’s Golden 10

March 18, 2022

If you are looking for great cannabis products with discounted prices, wait for OWO Golden 10. OWO is an online cannabis dispensary that offers a variety of cannabis products. On the tenth of every month, OWO conducts a big sale, and customers get to order their desired products with significant discounts. So, many consumers try to purchase their products 10th of every month on Order Weed Online to enjoy OWO’s variety and discounts. This incredible sale usually includes at least one product of each category (Flowers, vapes, health, edibles, pet, etc.) to cover all desires.

Advantages of Shopping on This Event:

Among all the sales and discounts offered by various dispensaries, OWO Golden 10 is the most popular in the community because it consistently happens every month on the same day. According to veteran cannabis consumers, the advantages of shopping at this event are not limited only to discounts. By purchasing your products on OWO Golden 10, you get to buy high-quality products besides saving money. Moreover, you can choose among a variety of products, including various flowers and a variety of mouthwatering edibles.

How does OWO Choose the Golden 10’s Products?

OWO has several channels to engage with its customers. Social media, feedback, reviews on the website, email, etc. Each month, OWO chooses several products of each category to provide discounts based on the customers’ feedback, poll results on social media, and the customers’ demand. Therefore, no matter what is your favorite way of consuming cannabis, you’ll find a favorite product on OWO Golden 10.

Don’t miss it, It’s a Deal!

While reading this post, many customers probably decide to order their products on the 10th. However, many of them are likely to forget about it. So, how to not miss OWO Golden 10 big sale? It’s easy. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll inform you about OWO Golden 10 and all the other special events of OWO. You can also follow OWO on Instagram to learn more about its events and vote for your favorite products to be on Golden 10.

Michelle Bilodeau

I have been working in the Cannabis industry for the past few years now. I was buying weed from different legal and illegal sources, looking for the best quality vs price. Not happy with what was on the market, I decided to start Orderweedonline.com Where I would showcase and share my passion for Cannabis with other fellow enthusiasts.

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